UAE toughens Dish rules

Abu Dhabi’s The National newspaper is reporting that the Emirate has commenced a fresh campaign, plus a tough set of guidelines on how satellite dishes can be used.

Four regions of Abu Dhabi (including the populous Madinat Zayed downtown area, plus Liwa, Al Marfa’, Al Silaa and Delma) must remove dishes from building which have been illegally or improperly installed.

Member if the public are being asked – as they have before – to remove dishes from balcony areas, in particular.

“When mounting satellite dishes, one must conform with the following requirements: the cost of mounting a satellite dish must be covered by the owner, satellite dishes are to be mounted on building roofs and in backyards, the number of satellite dishes must not exceed 4 based on a central satellite system, dishes must be mounted on the central part of the roof, far from the edge so as not to affect the general appearance,” said Hamad Salem Al Hamili, head of Public Relations and Communication at the Municipality of the Western Region.

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