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Opera TV debuts HbbTV 2.0 SDK

August 27, 2015

Opera TV will soon start shipping its Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV) 2.0 software development kit (SDK) to TV manufacturers and set-top-box OEMs, enabling them to be the first in the market with HbbTV-2.0-compliant devices. HbbTV 2.0 is the newest standard for interactive broadcaster content. Aligned with other web standards, HbbTV 2.0 simplifies the task of creating interactive content on TVs.

Since the standard was launched over six years ago, Opera TV has enjoyed a long experience shipping various versions of its HbbTV SDK in numerous projects to over 20 manufacturers, enabling interactive broadcaster experiences on millions of devices. Furthermore, through active involvement as a HbbTV Association member during the past three years, Opera TV representatives have sought to represent customer interests, while leveraging its vast experience in HTML5 to contribute in bringing the new standard to its highest potential.

“With HbbTV 2.0 being HTML5 based, developing applications across all kinds of modern platforms is made simple,” says Klaus Illgner, Chairman at HbbTV Association, the institution responsible for setting global HbbTV standards and specifications, “The new version adds a range of new functionalities like second-screen support, which makes HbbTV even more attractive to develop and deploy new services.”

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