Wuaki.tv boost for FindAnyFilm.com

Following its recent relaunch, legal online entertainment resource FindAnyFilm.com has welcomed Internet streaming media Wuaki.tv as the latest retailer to join the platform.

Simon Homent, European Content Director, Wuaki.tv, described FindAnyFilm as “an excellent site for entertainment consumers,” saying the recent navigation refresh, simplicity of use and growth in popularity, made it an easy decision for Wuaki.tv to join the platform. “We hope that users enjoy exploring Wuaki.tv when looking to buy films and TV shows through FindAnyFilm,” he added.

Sylvia Wan, Digital Communications Manager, Industry Trust said that having Wuaki.tv on board with FindAnyFilm illustrated the copyright and creativity consumer education body’s ongoing commitment to increase the range of retailers on the site. “Wuaki.tv is a brilliant addition to the current retailer line up, with the variety of Film and TV series they offer, we’re confident that consumers will be able to find the content they’re looking for from exclusive digital releases to the latest blockbusters,” she declared.

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