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ZEEL adds 4 ‘Living’ channels

September 4, 2015

By Chris Forrester

Essel Group’s Subhash Chandra says he will launch 4 new TV channels for Indian viewers. Living Entertainment is the sub-set and will include Living Rootz, Living Travel and Living Homez will complete the quartet, with the first Living Foodz now launched.

The quartet of channels will also launch internationally and Dr Chandra said he expected the first channel to be profitable within a year.

Speaking at the launch he told journalists that the channel would not be exclusively “india-centric”, but global in their coverage and outlook. “The lifestyle and cognitive reality TV viewership is about 12-13 per cent of the total television being consumed. Naturally entertainment takes more, movies are secondary, etc. The living and lifestyle and factual entertainment is only 12-13 per cent viewership, whereas revenue wise it crosses about 18-20 per cent.”

“Even the history of the world the way we are consuming today at least on television is still what we see on Discovery, NGC and History. And I am not saying that they are doing anything wrong in any way. But they have their point of view, lens and have information which comes to them from various sources. They are not trying to purposely do something wrong but it is a western perspective to the history of mankind and that is what we can see on television. So we felt that it was important that we launch a product called Living Rootz which will also have another perspective other than the western perspective. Because there are historians everywhere and research involvement work everywhere,” he added.

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