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Ericsson, Intelsat showcase HD contribution feed

September 9, 2015

Ericsson and Intelsat have joined forces to showcase at IBC an HD contribution feed in HDR (High Dynamic Range) the Intelsat 905 satellite located at 24.5○W, using the DVB-SX2 standard and an open, non-proprietary workflow. The companies say this proof-of-concept will enable media companies to delight consumers with improved picture quality and new experiences with HD HDR, while gaining even greater efficiencies in transponder utilisation.

“Our customers need to deliver the best possible content experiences and we are constantly seeking new ways to bring greater satisfaction to our customers’ viewers,” says Peter Ostapiuk, Head of Media Product Services, Intelsat. “By combining the versatility of Intelsat’s satellite network with creativity, vision and technological expertise, Intelsat and Ericsson continue to push the envelope and innovate in offering various technical and transmission options to improve current video quality. This project marks an important next step in the future of broadcasting at a time when picture quality and the viewer experience are so vital to remaining competitive and retaining audiences.”

Elisabetta Romano, Vice President and Head of TV & Media, Ericsson, comments: “Ericsson’s extensive research into the habits and behaviors of TV consumers consistently shows that the ability to deliver great content of ever higher quality is a must-have for any successful TV service provider. As industry leaders in immersive TV, we have long been advocating the benefits of adding HDR into the potential for both HD and UHD services, and we are excited to show that this can be done in an extremely efficient and cost-effective way with this new proof-of-concept. Our customers expect Ericsson to continually innovate and bring value in both their business evolution and the services they offer consumers. We look forward to highlighting this innovation at IBC 2015.”

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