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Apple TV all about apps (and games)

September 10, 2015

Apple CEO Tim Cook has unveiled a new set top TV box with its own app store and new operating system. The device features a remote control with a touch-sensitive panel and a microphone that allows it to be voice-operated through Siri.

“The future of TV is apps,” declared Cook who acknowledged it had taken his company several years to introduce a TV app store and had ceded the market to Google, Amazon, Roku and others.

Apple did not unveil any rumoured TV shows and movies subscription package of its own for the box, but there are suggestions this will follow next year.

Instead, much of the Apple TV presentation was dedicated to the video games it can play. The remote is motion sensitive. Although Apple has had much success with iPhone games, the console market is another it has left to the domination of Microsoft and Sony.

The TV box will cost either $149 or $199 depending on how much storage the user wants.

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