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ruwido launches organic haptic

September 11, 2015

Colin Mann @ IBC

ruwido is demonstrating its organic haptic feedback mechanism at IBC, which it says brings the joy back into navigation.

“It’s about responding to the verbal and non-verbal concerns of people within the industry”, says Ferdinand Maier, CEO, ruwido. As there’s no unified user, all age groups should be able to interact with content in a convenient and suitable way. With the launch of its organic haptic feedback mechanism, ruwido has become the first manufacturer to offer an alternative to touch interaction that is suitable for dynamic yet precise navigation of complex user interfaces.

Ferdinand Maier, CEO, ruwido, comments: “In today’s TV landscape, we recognise that users are accustomed to the speed of smartphone navigation. But touch interaction has its limitations as a relative interaction mechanism. The organic haptic offers a solution by combining relative mapping with precise feedback, making navigation an experience in itself.”

ruwido has developed this patented interaction mechanism to allow the synchronisation of mind and sense. The harder the user pushes the central navigation mechanism, the faster they scroll through the user interface. If less pressure is applied, users can scroll through lists and menu items step by step.

Integrated within a multimodal product architecture, the user is given the power to decide how to interact with content while always remaining in control of the technology.

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