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ILS slashing prices

September 16, 2015

International Launch Services (ILS) has a new CEO, and his first move is to cut prices for its Proton rocket launches. Appointed just a week ago, Kirk Pysher took over from Phil Slack. Mr Pysher inherits something of a challenge in that the value of Russia’s rouble has tumbled by some 30 percent against the US dollar.

ILS, at the Euroconsult conference in Paris, suggested that they would be getting “aggressive” on pricing in order to recapture a slice of the launch market. It seems that the current level of prices charged by SpaceX is their target.

If this is correct then it means the overall cost of an ILS/Proton launch has to fall to around $65 million (57.9m).

Both Proton and SpaceX have suffered set-backs this summer which has created tough delays for their clients. Proton has just returned to launch readiness, while SpaceX will not see a launch much before November-December.

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