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InnoWave Technologies spinning-off yubuy

September 17, 2015

InnoWave Technologies, a Portuguese IT and consulting company, announces the spin-off of yubuy, the interactive TV commerce solution. Fast yubuy is the name of the new company that will exclusively develop yubuy as a market place. This spin-off means a new approach and a new positioning:
– New overlay technology to interact with TV audiences;
– Extend the value chain to include Broadcasters and TV Content providers;
– Delight customers and ensure the best customer experience with valuable recommendations;
– Manage a secure payment process of goods and services acquired with existing and new payment solutions;

Fast yubuy has, from day 1, a full time dedicated top Executive Team, composed by:
• Miguel Carvalho – CEO: with extensive working experience in top level positions in leading Banks in Portugal and the US. On his last assignment, he was director of corporate accounts at Microsoft. On top of his management degree, he has earned an MBA from Insead;
• Manuel Moura Guedes – CTO: with extensive experience in multiple IT companies in Portugal and leading technical responsibilities, IT development and architecture for Banking Institutions in the US. During the last 5 years, Manuel has been Executive Director of a leading Global Financial Services Corporation based in New York.

Besides this Executive Team, the new company board benefits from the invaluable contribution of several InnoWave management team members:
– Tiago Gonçalves (president of the Board)
– Fernando Correia (member of the Board)
– Pedro Pinto (member of the Board)

The initial Technical Team will be composed with InnoWavers developers, a fundamental asset considering their knowledge and experience. The Marketing is coordinated by Catarina Faria (MsC in Marketing, more than 8 years of experience in marketing working in a leading Bank and a leading University in Portugal, specialized in Digital Marketing) and the UX team of InnoWave that will create and promote unforgettable experiences to delight its customers.

With an expected staff of 12 until the end of 2015, Fast yubuy is already exploring and setting partnerships to go into foreign markets, like Spain, Belgium, Netherlands,  Poland, UK, the US and Singapore, as part of a lab strategy based in Portugal.

Main goals for the remaining of 2015 are: the consolidation of the food at home ordering solutions, with the sales volume through the yubuy that just exceeded a threshold of EUR 1 million and the introduction of new direct sales retail offers, namely Fashion, Football Merchandising and Jewellery.

Fast yubuy is available on the 3 main telecom operators – MEO, NOS and Vodafone, with TV stores to promote and sell products from Telepizza, Sport Lisboa e Benfica, NoMenu and Odisseias, some of the Fast yubuy partners already active in the platform.  In terms of payment options, yubuy customers benefit from several options, ranging from   cash on delivery, electronic bill payment and MB WAY, the new solution of SIBS to pay via a mobile app.

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