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Rentrak data partner for AMC

September 24, 2015

Rentrak the specialist in precisely measuring movies and TV everywhere, announced a partnership with AMC Networks to develop cross-platform analyses of program viewing by integrating viewing behavior from Rentrak’s massive and passive television and Video on Demand information with census-level video viewing collected from AMC’s digital platforms.

The combination of Rentrak information and AMC digital viewing will uncover how audiences use the mix of platforms by demographics, advanced demographics and custom segmentations. These insights will ultimately help AMC better service their advertisers.

Rentrak will now be able to establish a reach model based on the direct attribution—in a privacy-compliant way—between the household digital viewing, DVR, TV and VOD sources, which will allow reporting that highlights the incremental program reach from additional programs.

“With this impressive TV viewing dataset, we will be able to garner valuable and credible insights into how, where and when our viewers are engaging with AMC programming,” said Tom Ziangas, Senior Vice President, Research & Insights, AMC Networks. “We’re looking forward to working with Rentrak and further helping our advertising partners reach audiences.”

“We look forward to our partnership with AMC Networks,” said Rentrak’s President of National Television, Chris Wilson. “The combination of Rentrak and AMC viewing information will provide the industry with a full scope of how audiences use different platforms.”

Rentrak’s television ratings service is the only fully integrated system of detailed nationwide satellite, telco and cable television viewing information from more than 36 million televisions and Video on Demand viewing from approximately 120 million TVs, including granular information for television stations in all 210 markets projected across the United States.

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