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DataMiner selected by RTRN

September 27, 2015

Skyline Communications, global leader in end-to-end multi-vendor network management and OSS software solutions for the broadcast, satellite, cable, IPTV and mobile industry, is proud to announce that Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network (RTRN) has selected DataMiner to manage the most elaborate DVB-T2 network infrastructure spread across Russia.

RTRN operates a state-of-the-art DVB-T2 terrestrial network, covering a huge geographical region. The network consists of more than 5000 digital transmitter sites that all need to be orchestrated and operated in a single, synchronized manner. Nation-wide content is distributed over a satellite network, whereas content is regionalized in more than 70 regions. The sophisticated network transmits both national and regional content to the customers’ homes using a complex mix of best-of-breed equipment provided by specialist suppliers.

“The huge geographical coverage and sophisticated regionalization of content and advertisements have made it a real challenge for our engineering teams to design a suitable future-proof network architecture. Our experienced architects and engineers have selected a blend of best-fit equipment to build this revolutionary, large-scale and complex infrastructure,” said Victor Pinchuk, 1st deputy General Director at RTRN. “A careful selection of different equipment from multiple vendors has turned our project into a real success, both from a technological and from a financial perspective. The multi-vendor DataMiner network management and operational support system has been instrumental to our procurement strategy, since we needed an end-to-end network management solution to manage and operate the network irrespective of vendor or device type in the network. DataMiner is the only solution on the market that does the job today and guarantees our freedom to deploy just about any technology in our network in the future. Adding to that, the scale of our network is pushing the boundaries of any network management system, as more than 40,000 different devices need to be orchestrated in a seamless manner 24×7, every day of the year, in order to assure service delivery to our customers. Again, DataMiner came out as the clear number one, since the platform scales from small networks to the world’s largest media networks. And then there’s also the localization of the GUI and the automated configuration based on centralized Network Inventory information. The DataMiner platform takes a central and very strategic position in the day-to-day management and operations of our complex ecosystem.”

DataMiner is integrated with over 4000 devices from almost 500 different vendors. No other system even comes close to this number. As a result, the platform is unique, providing a unified end-to-end view on the entire network of RTRN. And even if there are many different brands of devices in the network, DataMiner uniquely provides uniform views, controls and operations. Taking into account the size of the network, with more than 70 regional headends, more than 5000 transmitter sites and well over 40,000 network elements, the powerful alarm correlation and root cause analysis are instrumental in keeping the network manageable. In the event of an outage, DataMiner instantly reports the service impact and automatically creates the relevant trouble ticket.

“The RTRN network really benefits from the DataMiner system architecture, as it can be scaled to manage and operate both small networks and the world’s largest network infrastructures. The multi-vendor nature of our system allows RTRN to deploy the best suited equipment today and in the future. We even made the provisioning of the DataMiner platform a simple task; our OSS/BSS foundation pulls all provisioning data from RTRN’s Central Network Inventory database,” said Ben Vandenberghe, CEO at Skyline Communications. “No other system reduces operational cost to that extent.”

AMT Group will be acting as a system integrator of the project. “From our point of view, DataMiner best meets the technological objectives of the project and it will also provide sophisticated interconnection with the other two new systems, the System Inventory and Trouble Ticketing System (Service Desk) that are implemented to build a new-generation OSS system, required by RTRN. In this project we will use the latest product version, DataMiner 9.0, which will be installed for the first time in Russia,” said Alexander Goltsov, CEO at AMT Group.

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