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Al Jazeera channels on Nilesat change frequency

September 30, 2015

Al Jazeera Media Network’s channels will be moving to a new frequency affecting viewers across the entire Middle East and North Africa region on the Nilesat position.

Ibrahim Nassar, Al Jazeera’s manager of teleport, revealed that starting October 1st, viewers on the 10992V and 11636V satellite frequencies will experience a permanent blackout and will have to change to a new frequency on that date.

The new frequency will not be available on receivers before October 1st. To continue to watch Al Jazeera, viewers are requested to note down the new frequency 10971 V and tune to it after this date.

Nassar said: “This change is part of Al Jazeera’s continuous pursuit of the latest technologies in the world of satellite and digital broadcasting. The new frequency will provide transmission with higher quality and power than the previous ones on the same orbital position. It will be placed on the newly launched Eutelsat satellite in the same orbit.”

The affected channels include: Al Jazeera Arabic, Al Jazeera English, Al Jazeera Mubasher, Al Jazeera Documentary, and Al Jazeera America.

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