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ipoque releases R&S Net Reporter 2

October 6, 2015

ipoque, a Rohde & Schwarz company, has launched R&S Net Reporter 2 at LTE Asia; a versatile Internet traffic analytics platform that delivers twice as much analytics capacity than the previous version.

According to recent research from IHS, the number of people subscribing to mobile broadband service will grow from 3 billion worldwide in 2015 to more than 4 billion by the end of 2019. “Challenges for operators include flattened Capex spending, soaring network traffic and the rising impact of applications like video and M2M”, explains Shira Levine, research director for service enablement and subscriber intelligence at IHS (formerly Infonetics Research).

This is where Internet traffic and subscriber analytics using technologies like IP protocol and application classification come into play.

“Traffic analytics solutions help classify the IP traffic by application, protocol, subscriber, location and device type, and offer targeted charts and reports to make smart business decisions”, explains Dirk Czepluch, Managing Director and CTO at ipoque GmbH. “R&S Net Reporter 2 enables operators to analyze all that data with twice as much capacity than its predecessor. It also feeds Big Data systems like Hadoop with IP application and subscriber data”, Czepluch continues.

Traffic and subscriber analytics use cases include:

– Marketing: offer compelling new data plans based on subscriber’s actual application usage trends to increase ARPU and reduce churn
– Internet peering department: use domain/AS traffic consumption information to make educated decisions for peering partnerships
– Network operation department: use CDN analytics to optimize CDN cache Access
– Wholesale department: traffic analytics help operators who resell their infrastructure to effectively negotiate reseller fees with regulatory bodies
– Network planning: predict app trends and future traffic growth to expand capacity and avoid network congestion

R&S Net Reporter 2 is a new release of the existing R&S Net Reporter software, which is the customer-facing element of ipoque’s traffic analytics solution for mobile, fixed and broadband operators. When used in combination with the other component, the closely integrated R&S Net Sensor intelligent network probe, it constitutes a powerful and carrier-grade traffic analytics solution for the collection, storage and analysis of traffic on mobile and fixed networks, delivering actionable business intelligence to operators.

Information is presented to the user showing realtime subscriber behavior or generating trends of up to one year in duration from a whole network perspective down to individual subscriber level. The new qualitative analytics feature enables operators to extract actionable intelligence from their network using significantly less probes than other TA solutions on the market.

The solution also features a special internal interface to the R&S PACE IP Classification engine with its industry-leading fast performance, high classification accuracy and up-to-weekly protocol updates.

R&S Net Reporter 2 as well as other ipoque products is part of the most comprehensive portfolio of technically advanced mobile network testing solutions from Rohde & Schwarz and its subsidiaries. Customers profit from an integrated portfolio of solutions coordinated from planning to optimization and operation. The single-supplier solutions provide insight into customer experience from the user equipment to the core with the added benefit of a global support network.

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