Advanced Television

TabletTV Plus App

October 9, 2015

Tablet Television, the joint venture between Motive Television and Granite Broadcasting, is launching TabletTV Plus in Q4 within the US.

Through the new TabletTV Plus App, viewers will have access to all broadcast channels available in their market, operate the mobile personal video recorder (PVR) to time shift programmes to fit their own schedules and, when connected to the internet, watch free and paid internet television channels.

Additionally, TabletTV Plus users can simultaneously surf the Internet, check emails and browse Facebook and Twitter – all while watching television.  They will also have the ability to use Google Chromecast to cast the viewing content to their television screens.

“We are excited to bring TabletTV Plus to the market, an innovative App that enhances our offering and provides additional content to viewers,” said Luc Tomasino of TabletTV. “Through our single TabletTV Plus App, viewers will be able to access virtually every channel they want, regardless of whether it is free over-the-air like NBC or Fox, or delivered OTT via Internet such as ESPN, HBO GO, YouTube or Sling TV.”

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