ILS to launch Turksat-4B

International Launch Services (ILS), which handles sales of the Russian Proton rocket system to ‘western’ clients, is ready to launch the Turksat-4B communications satellite. The satellite has an expected ‘on station’ life of 30 years.

The launch plan expects lift-off on October 17th at 02.40am (Kazakhstan time)/20.40pm GMT on October 16th.  ILS will use a Brez-M upper stage which is capable of 5 separate ‘burns’ during its upper move into a geostationary transfer orbit. It will take more than 9 hours for the satellite to separate from the rocket’s upper stage.

The satellite, which weight 4924 kgs, was built by Mitsubishi Electric Corp of Japan. Turksat-4B’s 36 transponders will operate from 50 degrees East and as well as serving the Turkish region will have coverage over Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

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