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Unified Streaming and Viblast start technology partnership

October 15, 2015

Unified Streaming, a provider of cross-platform video streaming technologies, has tested  interoperability with Viblast, a peer-assisted delivery & HTML5 innovator operating in the OTT segment. Viblast provide solutions to improve on last-mile delivery, stream quality and playback. Their hybrid delivery solution Viblast PDN optimizes video delivery to large numbers of simultaneous viewers through patent-pending peer-assisted technology. Viblast PDN is a great fit with Unified Origin, a solution that offers advanced functionality for on-the-fly packaging to all formats and platforms. The combination of these products meet the requirements for a scalable, flexible and high performing global approach. When used in conjunction with Viblast Player, the company’s HTML5 solution for native playback of HLS & DASH, content providers are offered an end-to-end solution.

“Unified Streaming provide simple-to-configure modules able to extend any industry-standard web server, turning it into a powerful streaming server. At Viblast we have the same approach and philosophy – to build on the existing streaming solution as much as possible, arming it with new capabilities and improvements. I think this is the key reason both our companies’ solutions work so well together,” says Stefan Dimov, Viblast CEO.

Unified Origin offers on-the-fly packaging to all major adaptive bitrate streaming protocols, compression formats, and multiple digital rights management (DRM) systems within a single solution. And because it all happens on-the-fly, it eliminates massive storage requirements. Now you only require one file. To offer maximum flexibility, DRM is supported in 3 ways: playout of pre-encrypted content, encrypting clear content on the fly and playout of pre-encrypted content using another flavor of DRM altogether, which we call trans DRM. Unified Streaming also deploys Unified Origin in combination with a unique feature called “PIFF2CENC”. As the name suggests it allows for streaming Common Encrypted (CENC) DASH from a PlayReady encrypted (PIFF) Microsoft Smooth catalogue. It performs the conversion on the fly in a fully dynamic fashion. There are various advantages to this method including: no need for re-packaging or re-encoding, no need for extra storage and a quick time-to-market.

“We are proud of our technology partnership with Viblast. All parties in the ecosystem of content delivery have a strong focus on reducing cost related to bandwidth consumption and increased flexibility while offering high quality”, says Simon Westbroek, VP Global Sales Unified Streaming. “Viblast and Unified Streaming are aiming for the same goals, which makes for a strong team addressing important market requirements.”

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