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Witbe sets new milestone in Root Cause Analysis on OTT landscape

October 15, 2015

Witbe, an expert in Quality of Experience (QoE) Test and Monitoring, is proud to unveil the awaited coupling of its award-winning Witbe Smartping with the other major Witbe Monitoring Technologies. By making this algorithm compatible with any Witbe Robot running Windows environment, this innovation enables any company to combine Smartping’s® potential with other Witbe tests. They can now use its unique features—locate and troubleshoot delivery chains’ bottlenecks—in correlation with the Witbe OTT, Witbe Streaming or Witbe Application Tests, but also with the Witbe Mean Opinion Score Technology. This approach, from the edge to the core, from the Ends-Users’ perceptions control to the delivering infrastructure monitoring, is at the heart of Witbe’s values. It gives Broadcasters & Operators an unmatched opportunity to proactively detect and explain any quality deterioration, and ultimately to ensure End-Users’ loyalty.

This innovation is all about combining on single appliances the monitoring of the Quality being actually delivered to the End-Users (whatever the device, the service or the network), and the instant localization of any network issue that might have an impact on the Quality. To do so, the Witbe R&D teams successfully made compatible the Witbe Smartping®, mapping the network routes & bottlenecks taken for service delivery, with the Witbe Video, Data and Application Robots, monitoring the Quality actually delivered. Combined with the comparison feature on the Witbe Portal (web-accessed reporting interface), this new compatibility aims to give any team comprehensible and automatic Root Cause Analysis of their services’ Quality issues. It allows anyone to easily correlate Smartping® measures with any other Witbe metrics, and to proactively diagnose the deterioration and their causes of what matters: the Quality perceived by the End-User.

Developed as a response to several companies departments’ needs, this innovation is a groundbreaking step for OTT Monitoring. The Witbe MOS Algorithm metrics and alerts can now be combined with Witbe Smartping’s capabilities. Jerkiness, blueriness, blockiness, frozen or black screens, content delivery errors: their real-time detection is now immediately combined with precise localisation and diagnosis of the delivery issue: bad routing, bandwidth saturation, CDN congestion, routing asymmetry, packets loss. In addition to democratizing IP knowledge, this innovation provides relevant information to different fields of application: troubleshooting, Service Level Agreement enforcement, long-term quality monitoring…

“Measuring the QoS of a delivery chain and detecting delivery issues is not controlling the real quality being delivered. These two notions are not related in that way anymore. It’s no longer possible to guess your End-Users’ satisfaction from the quality of the transport’s nodes and streams. Today, Witbe set a new milestone in Root Cause Analysis with the compatibility of its Smartping®, IP transport analysis, with every major Witbe Monitoring Technologies. Witbe now provides anyone with relevant information that was previously only accessible to IP gurus, and with a lot of hard work. Sorry Tim & Davis, it’s now possible to know actually what makes your Netflix slow”, said Jean-Michel Planche, VP Technology & Innovation and co-founder of Witbe.

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