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Kannuu improves discovery speeds

October 16, 2015

Kannuu, a provider of search, discovery and personalised recommendation solutions, has announced the release of COMPASS, an API plugin for MVPD and OTT providers that it claims improves consumers content search and discovery speeds dramatically, reducing time to discover content up to 95 per cent, or greater.

COMPASS enhances and improves existing search and discovery user interfaces and overall performance by adding a simple UI overlay element to the on-screen letter grid search function. When searching for content, COMPASS returns a set of predictive suggestions to help the user quickly complete their search entry for titles, sporting events, people or keywords.

Driven by predictive train-of-thought algorithms, the new API plugin provides a “Compass” overlay that sits directly on the provider’s existing on-screen letter grid search. Kannuu’s patented user experience and backend technology drive the overlay, predicting the next selection a consumer will make and thus reducing the time needed to find a typical result.

“Today, video-on-demand and paid content purchases account for a significant share of profit for video, cable and OTT providers globally,” said Kannuu CEO Todd Viegut. “However, experience shows that users become frustrated and lose interest if it’s too difficult to find what they’re looking for. Testing shows that consumers using the new COMPASS input method successfully completed more of their desired show searches. This leads to more engaged customers that purchase more content.”

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