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Sky AdVance to deliver connected ad campaign

October 21, 2015

Sky Media, the advertising sales division of Sky, has launched Sky AdVance, designed to allow advertisers to connect journeys across screens so that audiences see the right ad, at the right time, in the right sequence and on the right screen.

According to Sky Media, until now, multi-platform campaigns have been more integrated in conception than in execution, but by directly connecting TV and online audiences, it says Sky AdVance represents the biggest change in media buying since the emergence of online.

Sky Media says its understanding of viewing behaviour, combined with multiplatform and device data, means advertisers can address the most relevant and interested audiences via whichever screens they’re using, without encroaching upon viewer privacy or harming the overall viewing experience. Sky AdVance allows TV to digital and vice versa, connecting content, context and creative.

At the heart of Sky AdVance is data – Sky Media has expanded its TV audience measurement capabilities to now gather data from 3 million households, providing second by second viewing data. This massive scale allows insights from the Sky platform covering over 500 TV channels, providing programme, spot and sponsorship viewing as well as recency and frequency data. This combined TV, online and mobile knowledge opens the door to advanced cross-platform understanding and delivery.

Sky AdVance will allow advertisers the ability to extend TV spot campaigns to people that they know haven’t seen it, via digital ads in on demand and display. Similarly the platform will complement TV campaigns by reinforcing a message online to exposed TV viewers whilst also delivering a digital campaign to viewers of a particular show, group of shows or genre.

The launch of Sky AdVance follows the success of Sky AdSmart, which tailors what is shown in ad breaks by using publicly available information to identify groups or demographics, and then serves ads that are best suited to those households.

Sky AdVance will be open to the market from January 2016 and is and is currently undergoing a live test phase with up to 20 different advertisers.

“The scale of the data we now possess gives us the ability to interweave TV and digital advertising like never before,” said Jamie West, Deputy Managing Director of Sky Media. “Sky AdVance will open up many exciting possibilities for advertisers, while ensuring viewers get to see more relevant advertising, in meaningful sequences. I am looking forward to welcoming brands on board and seeing Sky AdVance in action.”


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