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Italian pay TV tax with electricity bill

October 23, 2015

From Branislav Pekic in Rome

The €100 fee for the TV licence in Italy will be included in electricity bills from 2016 onwards. The measure, contained in the budget bill, is designed to stop extensive non-payment of the TV tax.

According to Communications Undersecretary, Antonello Giacomelli, Italians will only have to pay the TV licence if they possess a radio or TV as now. Other devices that support TV or audio files, such as computers, smartphones or tablets, will not be subject to the licence fee “at least for the time being”.

According to national statistics institute Istat, 97 per cent of Italians possess a TV set, but estimates by public broadcaster RAI indicated that between 25 and 28 per cent end up not paying the TV tax.

Last year RAI received €1.6 billion, a sum that is set to increase by an additional €600 million with the inclusion of the TV tax on electricity bills. However, the cost of the annual fee will drop from €100 to €95 in 2017.

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