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Selevision: “Nukodec will offer 200 ch’s/transponder”

October 27, 2015

By Chris Forrester

Saudi Arabia-based Selevision announced its ‘Nukodec’ compression codec back in May, but now says that further testing and development is capable of squeezing up to 66 HDTV channels into one satellite transponder, or terrestrial equivalent. But there’s more on the horizon.

Dr. Raed Khusheim, CEO of Selevision (and Khusheim Holdings), speaking last week at Arabsat’s Marrakech Forum, (and where it is partnering with Arabsat on future developments) said that he was confident that within three-to-four years Selevision’s compression system would be able to handle 200 HD channels on one transponder.

Dr Khusheim also said that “full” Ultra-HD could be handled at no more than 4 Mb/s. The codec is also available for DVB-T and telco and online users.

Selevision is using French hardware company ATEME to deliver content to subscribers to its OTT service.

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