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Insight 4K expanding to Russia, and beyond

October 30, 2015

By Chris Forrester

Netherland’s-based 4K newcomer Insight will launch its all-UHD service in the next few days on Russia’s Tricolor DTH platform.  The channel is already broadcasting from SES Astra’s 19.2 degree orbital slot, and will shortly start transmissions over India.

Insight is firmly set on an expansion curve and while CEO Mariam Zamaray says she wants the current service to first settle down, the expansion plan includes boosting the current 200 hours of UHD material to 400 and then 500 hours within the next year or so.  She says she is actively looking to acquire UHD programming from independent producers.

Backed financially by Saint Petersburg-based General Satellite Group, which has its core business in the supply and sale of set-top boxes in Russia, Zamaray says that on her longer term radar is the creation and launch (“end of 2016”) of a similar lifestyle channel that appeals to female viewers.

Insight UHD is in active discussions with various platform owners about carriage and programming sales, and this includes BT Sport’s UHD channel.  “I have had conversations with all of the UK platforms and am delighted with the way those conversations have gone, and I am confident and happy that we are in the right place for them,” said Zamaray. “I would like to see Insight bundled together with Sky, for example, as part of the future premium offering. Our programming is different and I believe our pool of content would totally complement them, and be a win-win for both of us.”

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