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Viacom, TiVo partner for targeted ads

November 2, 2015

TiVo Research and Analytics and Viacom have formed a new strategic alliance focused on advancing Viacom’s proprietary data and advertising solutions. Viacom’s data and ad products have led the industry in recent years with predictive tools such as Vantage and Echo Social Graph that hyper-target consumers.

The first such alliance for TiVo with a media company, TiVo Research’s one-of-a-kind suite of single-source measurement tools will integrate with Viacom Vantage’s advanced predictive engine to augment its precision and consumer targeting capabilities.

The new collaboration also provides Viacom Velocity and Velocity Products Group – the company’s creative content/integrated media group and the newly formed group that brings multi-platform social partnerships, products, and services to clients — with more data that can help increase the impact of custom campaigns and further expands the unique analytics delivered to ad partners.

According to Frank Foster, Senior Vice President and General Manager of TiVo Research, the integration will make Viacom the first network to offer advertisers true single-source solutions for audience targeting and measurement. “The combination of Viacom’s advanced predictive engine and TiVo’s anonymised, granular set-top box data, matched directly to purchase and consumer engagement data in a privacy protected manner, allows advertisers to see much more than if their campaign was viewed. This partnership will not only enable advertisers to see how effectively a campaign reached the target audience, but it will shed light on whether the campaign enticed consumers to take action such as going to a store or buying a product.”

“Viacom Vantage is on a mission to transform TV advertising through advanced targeting and prediction,” said Bryson Gordon, Senior Vice President of Data Strategy. “The integration of TiVo’s single-source database significantly enhances our data capabilities across our advanced advertising products, Vantage, Velocity and Echo, delivering truly unique value to our customers.”

Advertisers have been calling for new approaches to measurement and targeting to address the many ways audiences consume content across devices and platforms both in and out of the home. To determine how media spend drives consumer behaviour and product sales, TiVo Research has built the industry’s largest cross-media single-source panel, including second-by-second tune-in data anonymously matched to online exposure and purchase data for more than two million US homes. Viacom, which reaches a cumulative 3.4 billion television subscribers worldwide and 650 million social media followers, will unlock new capabilities for its marketing and advertising partners through an advanced application of its predictive engine to this sophisticated data set.

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