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Serif TV “reinvents” the TV set

November 4, 2015

By Chris Forrester

Samsung is officially backing the French-designed Serif TV, described by its designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, as a piece of furniture as much as a piece of technology.

The sets are now available on a ‘made to measure’ basis. The design encourages the set to be used as a floor-standing unit. Looked at from the side the TV set has the profile of a capital “I” (hence the ‘Serif’) name, and which gives the design a narrow ‘shelf’ at the top of the unit.

“We are excited to see how people incorporate Serif TV in their own living spaces. The fabric back panel detail combined with its ability to be freestanding increases where the TV can live in the home. We anticipate that Serif TV owners will move their TVs away from the wall – perhaps positioning it in the middle of a room or even moving it around like a modular piece of furniture,” comments SVP Yun-Je Kang, Samsung Head of Design in Visual Display.

The ‘made to order’ units take about 3 weeks to be delivered and come in 40”, 32” and 24” sizes. The larger unit is a UHD model (at £1199) while the smaller units are HD.

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