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Vubiquity to sell digital content in high street stores

November 9, 2015

Vubiquity, a global provider of premium content services, is in discussions with multiple retailers in a number of territories to launch a product that would allow consumers to buy digital content, initially movies, in high street shopping outlets.

As part of this expansion, Vubiquity has hired home entertainment and retail specialist Rob Salter, formerly CEO of Reverbz Media, who will head up the new initiative as Vice-President of Retail at Vubiquity.

Through this new product, consumers will ultimately be able to purchase digital movies in retail outlets, often weeks before they are available on DVD, Blu-ray or VoD. Many content owners, including Hollywood studios, make available new-release titles in the electronic sell-through (EST) window ahead of DVD, Blu-ray or VoD.

Rob Salter, Vice President for Retail at Vubiquity, said: “I am thrilled to be working with Vubiquity. We see an excellent opportunity to grow significant business in this channel. Retailers have driven the growth of home entertainment and the building of personal video collections since the first VHS tapes in the mid-1980s. We believe retailers will continue to be a key part of the future of selling video in the digital age. Vubiquity wants to support retailers’ ambitions to go on selling content to their customers in disc form, and also help them go beyond the disc into digital ownership and consumption.”

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