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Tele Columbus grows with primacom acquisition

November 12, 2015

Following the acquisition of primacom, Tele Columbus, the third largest German cable network operator, has published for the first time consolidated results of the combined Tele Columbus and primacom Group.

In the third quarter 2015, affected by the primacom results for August and September, Tele Columbus reached revenues of €73.9 million. In the same period, Normalised EBITDA amounted to €36.9 million, resulting in a Normalised EBITDA margin of 49.9 per cent. In total, Tele Columbus Group spent €21 million capital expenditures in the third quarter – mainly for network upgrades and customer projects. On September 30th 2015, the company served 2.83 million homes connected of which 57 per cent were fully two-way upgraded and available for the own TV, Internet and telephony product portfolio.

The combination of Tele Columbus and primacom represents a strong number three player in the German cable market and an important player in the telecommunications and multimedia industry: As of September 30th, the company served 1.87 million customers with 1.89 million Cable TV RGUs (Revenue Generating Units) and 397k Premium TV RGUs. In addition, the Internet RGUs amounted to 363k and telephony RGUs reached 352k.

“With the first consolidated financials for the combined Tele Columbus and primacom business, we opened a new chapter in the history of the company and laid the basis for the combined future”, says Ronny Verhelst, CEO of Tele Columbus. “In the past months, we have driven the integration of the combined organisation as fast as possible to be able to proceed on our growth path at increased speed as well as bringing together the financial reporting of both companies. With the core management team and main organisational structure in place, we are now ready for the planned integration of pepcom, to take the company’s development to the next level.”

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