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Sky Store joins

November 13, 2015

By Colin Mann

Legal online content resource has further strengthened its retail database, announcing Sky Store as the twelfth digital retailer to join the site. This addition enhances the retail choice and user experience for FindAnyFilm while further extending the reach of Sky Store. FindAnyFilm is the only UK site to offer consumers cinema, disc and digital purchase options together, all from guaranteed legal sources, all in one place.

Since its UK launch, Sky Store Buy & Keep brought digital downloading to the mainstream market through a highly-accessible user interface, while delivering the comfort of an accompanying physical disc as part of the service, giving consumers the best of both worlds.

Research from Ofcom has shown that as older demographics transition online to source creative content nearly a third are unsure if the content they are accessing is from legal sources. In addition, insights from the British Video Association (BVA) show that only 35 per cent of 45 -54 year olds and 24 per cent of 55 -69 year olds are comfortable using online services to view films and TV shows.

This suggests that older consumers need a comfort point to help them transition into digital consumption. The offering from Sky Store and the broad appeal of Sky makes Sky Store the perfect partner to guide this important consumer group into legal digital services. What’s more, FindAnyFilm exists to wrap up all legal content providers, in a central hub giving consumers simple and easy access to legal content through a smart, easy to use interface.

In Sky’s recent annual report (year to date ending June 2015) it was quoted that Sky Store revenues jumped 77 per cent bolstered by the contribution from Buy & Keep, claiming that the service often ranks number one or two among digital retailers for new release film. These strong statistics further illustrate the necessity to include Sky Store in FindAnyFilm, not only to leverage the vast film catalogue from the service but to also to give FindAnyFilm users the widest choice and greatest flexibility with their purchasing options. The inclusion of Sky Store means that FindAnyFilm now provide users with purchase options from 95 per cent of digital platforms in the market.

“We are focused on enabling our customers to access and consume world leading content whenever and wherever they want,” commented Simon Creasey, Director of Sky Store. “Partnering with FindAnyFilm allows Sky Store to not only showcase content on a different platform it also brings the service directly to users outside of the immediate Sky eco-system. This means Sky and non-Sky account holders are able to find films to watch instantly on the TV and on their devices, as well as having the disc delivered directly to their door as part of Sky Buy & Keep. Sky Store offers people a complete service and is the most simple and convenient way for consumers to buy and watch their favourite films.”

“This year has seen a host of digital services added to FindAnyFilm, demonstrating that owning the latest release on digital is a welcome choice for many film fans,” noted Sylvia Wan, Digital Communications Manager, Industry Trust, the UK film, TV and video industry’s consumer education body, promoting the value of copyright and creativity. “Sky Store is a perfect complement to the service. Whether consumers want the convenience of their favourite retailer dropping a disc at their door or to prefer to watch instantly online, FindAnyFilm has it all.”

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