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StarTimes “determined” to break Multichoice monopoly

November 17, 2015

By Chris Forrester

South Africa’s Multichoice is currently the sole pay-TV operator in adjacent Botswana, but according to a BusinessWeek report, China’s StarTimes Group is determined to enter Botswana and in addition expand its current 15 country presence to compete aggressively with Multichoice.

StarTimes vice president, Zhao Yue Qin, told journalists: “We want to expose the African market, the whole market regardless of what part of Africa it is to an alternative and more accessible digital content,” said Madam Zhao.

StarTimes is working to translate and dub drama production to make its content more accessible to African viewers.

Zhao also said she is also optimistic about securing English Premier League screening rights, which in Botswana are exclusive to MultiChoice. “To date, we have registered branches in 28 African countries, including Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and Uganda with over 5 million digital TV subscribers,” she added.

The StarTimes group was founded in 1988 and has businesses including broadcasting and television network, system integration, technology services, and pay-TV operation as well as programme production. The company’s oversees presence started in 2002, with Star Africa Media.

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