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Viewing on OTT streaming devices up 157% YoY

November 18, 2015

FreeWheel has releasing the findings from its Q3 Video Monetization Report that examines the state of the video market.

The research highlights some key similarities and differences between trends in the US. For example, European broadcasters monetised the majority of their dynamically served content across long-form on-demand, accounting for 87 per cent of total video ad views, compared to just 29 per cent in the US.

Riding the wave of the positive trends FreeWheel has reported over the past five years, long-form on-demand and live streams were once again the two fastest growing content segments, increasing 30 per cent and 113 per cent, respectively. OTT streaming devices saw the strongest year-over-year growth of any platform with a noteworthy 157 per cent increase, and now these devices account for 13 per cent of total video ad views.

Moving on to handheld devices, almost 30 per cent of ad views were delivered across portable screens, with smartphones leading growth at a vigorous 67 per cent. Furthermore, TVE adoption showed no sign of slowing down, with MVPD app viewership growing at 176 per cent. In lock-step, viewers were utilising their MVPD log-in credentials to access ever more premium digital video content, with 65 per cent of Programmer long-form and live viewing coming via authenticated channels, driven by a 242 per cent growth in authenticated video ad views.

The findings also revealed the following:
Almost 50 per cent of ad views came from outside of desktop and laptop environments, with OTT devices and smartphones leading that growth
Almost 30 per cent of ad views were delivered across portable screens, with smartphones leading growth at 67 per cent
Monetisation on devices other than desktop and laptop environments reached nearly 50 per cent of video ad views in Q3, driven by strong growth across OTT devices and smartphones
For broadcasters who have enabled STB VoD environments, the STB in the living room accounted for 18 per cent of total video ad views, making it the second largest device after desktop and laptops


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