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Anti-piracy VoD platform from Vision247

November 24, 2015

By Colin Mann

Media content distribution and IPTV specialist Vision247 has created a bespoke VoD screening platform designed to enable content distributors to share and stream media assets with partners and clients around the world securely and without the risk of piracy.

Vision247 has created a technology that transcodes content at source before leaving a dedicated server, stamping it with a viewer specific watermark embedded into the video stream. An un-watermarked copy of the content never leaves the server. This allows simple control and management of content but also enables content providers to identify and track content if it is shared without permission.

“The current norm within the entertainment industry is to distribute using DVDs. This is outmoded, expensive and an open door to widespread piracy,” suggests Petra Oblak, CEO of Vision247. “To date, DVD Distribution has been a necessary evil as review copies of most shows and movies are required. By considering how to combat piracy from the outset and building this into the distribution model created by Vision247, content providers can ensure the integrity of all its content assets.”

Easily integrated into existing infrastructure, users can view content from the password protected media content areas. Management tools such as the simple uploading of VoD content and usage monitoring, have also been designed to be incorporated into a company’s website portal.

“With Vision247’s expertise in cloud-based OTT technology we have delivered a cost-effective media streaming and viewing platform that gives businesses autonomous control and management of content and offers an accessible service for its partners to view content quickly. It is also one of the most cost effective and secure platforms on the market,” Oblak concludes.

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