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Spain: Vodafone offers free pay-TV for 1 year

November 25, 2015

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Vodafone Spain is making a full-frontal assault on the pay-TV market with an aggressive promotion for Black Friday, offering subscribers to the Vodafone One convergent service one year of free premium TV.

The service normally costs €12 per month, meaning an annual saving of €144 to those contracted the offer before the deadline of December 2nd.

The premium TV service comes with the TiVo platform, which offers the ability to watch live TV, VoD and streaming services, such as Netflix, and all-in-one interface on TVs or mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. Users can also record up to three channels at the same time and catch up with the previous week’s programming.

Vodafone recently revealed that the Vodafone One customer base had grown to nearly 800,000 customers on September 30th, while pay-TV customers increased by 77,600 in the third quarter alone to reach 902,000.

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