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Papal ‘Holy Year’ ceremony to be in UHD 

November 27, 2015

By Chris Forrester

There’s a door in the Northern corner of the Vatican in Rome that’s normally bricked up and cemented over on its inside. But on December 8th it will be opened by Pope Francis as part of the start of the Catholic Church’s extraordinary Holy Year of Mercy, which will run to November 20th 2016.

The whole ceremony will be captured in 4K/Ultra-HD by Vatican Television Centre (CTV), with technical facilities provided by Rome-based production house DBW Communications.

Holy Years are usually held every 25 years, and the last was for the Great Jubilee on 2000. This break from tradition follows on from the pope’s wish for the church to focus on a special Holy Year for Mercy.

The door’s significance is that pilgrims who enter St Peter’s via The Holy Door can gain a Plenary Indulgence.

The keys to the door are bricked up into the cement after its ceremonial closure. These were retrieved on November 17th.

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