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Vindicia to manage BBC Store payments

December 1, 2015

Enterprise-class subscription billing specialist Vindicia has confirmed that BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC, has chosen Vindicia’s CashBox solution to manage ecommerce on BBC Store, the Corporation’s new direct-to-consumer retail platform that enables audiences to buy and keep copies of their favourite BBC TV programmes. BBC Store will be integrated with the BBC’s catch up service, BBC iPlayer, enabling consumers to search, purchase and watch BBC content in one single journey.

BBC Worldwide decided to redesign its ecommerce platform in line with the new service launch. Vindicia’s CashBox will form the payment platform and ensure BBC Worldwide can process payments, allowing customers to credit their e-wallet and view previous purchases.

“BBC Store allows UK audiences to buy and keep digital copies of the BBC television programmes they love,” said David Gibbons, director of global operations at BBC Worldwide. “We’re delighted to have a payment platform that will manage this effectively and enhance our customers’ experience of BBC Store.”

“CashBox enables audiences to buy BBC content quickly and easily using cash available in their e-wallet, or via other means, such as PayPal or store-bought gift cards,” explained Gene Hoffman, chief executive officer and chairman at Vindicia.

Vindicia’s CashBox is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution ideal for companies wanting to develop their direct to consumer business. Through subscription billing and micro-transactions, companies can take advantage of digital payment practices. The platform is scalable and adapts to cope with spikes in demand.


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