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Mance media leads 4K content distribution

December 8, 2015

Mance Media, a global film and television distribution company launched by Matthew Mancinelli in early 2012, says it is at the forefront of 4K Ultra HD content distribution in America, if not globally.

For the past two years, Mance Media has perfected, and built an infrastructure around, the new 4K Ultra HD format.

“It was during NATPE 2014 when ‘4K’ became the buzz word and various digital platforms were starting to put out feelers for content,” recalls Matthew Mancinelli, Chief Executive Officer of Mance Media. “Since we are a lean and entrepreneurial studio, I decided to bring post production in-house and invest money in R&D.”

“You would be surprised how much time it took to figure out how to embed 5.1 audio into a 4K movie using the new codecs,” explains Mancinelli, “Especially when the 90 minute movie is nearly 1 Terabyte in size”.

Flash-forward to December 2015, Mance Media boasts a first-run movie, TV and documentary library shot in native 4K with over 20 titles to its name and a refresh rate of 2 new titles monthly going into 2016.

Highlights include the documentary ‘Circles of Life: Iceland 4K’ directed by Reinhard Kungel; the theatrical feature film ‘The Rumperbutts 4K’ directed by Marc Brener and starring Mates of State, Arian Moayed (Rosewater), Vanessa Ray (Bluebloods, Pretty Little Liars) and Josh Brener (Silicon Valley); the time-lapse documentary ‘Timescapes 4K’ directed by Tom Lowe; the family fantasy film ‘Scarlet’s Witch 4K’ directed by F.C. Rabbath; the nature documentary ‘Grand Canyon 4K’ directed by Roman Khomlyak; and the 80’s drama ‘The Toy Soldiers’ directed by Erik Peter Carlson, which received a 15-city theatrical release last November through AMC theaters.

Mance Media has even shot various experimental videos in 4K itself, such as its new 3-hour long ‘4K Fireplace’ w/ 5.1 surround sound, which is now available to purchase on any 4K television via apps M-GO and Amazon as well as set top boxes Sony 4K Media Player, Roku 4 and Amazon’s FireTV.

“If you own a 4K television, sure enough you’ve seen the Mance Media logo in 4K. Our content makes up a lot of the 4K VOD/EST marketplace right now,” says Mancinelli.

“Our 4K library is available to license globally for broadcast, VOD, mobile and streaming rights,” says Mancinelli. “Our next international market will be MIPTV in Cannes, France in April 2016 and we aim to have 50 4K titles by that time.”

Mance Media plans to launch its own yet-to-be-named 4K app/channel in 2016 and it has already been approved by various platforms. Mance Media is seeking additional investors into the new 4K branded app/channel. The investment will go toward new acquisitions, marketing and advertising.

“4K content distribution and the growing 4K television market adoption is a 5 year plan for us”, explains Mancinelli “and we’re very excited for what’s to come.”

Mance Media’s next 4K movie release is ‘3:13’, a feature film directed by David Jaure that follows a man who becomes victim to homelessness during the 2008 recession. It recently won Best Florida Film at the Florida International Film Festival. It was shot on the Red Scarlet Camera with lenses Red 85mm Prime & Red 18-55mm Zoom.

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