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Iran slams satellite viewing and advertising

December 9, 2015

By Chris Forrester

Iran’s Ministry of Culture is getting increasingly belligerent as far as its citizens are concerned and their viewing of satellite TV channels. Various authorities in Iran have already confiscated dishes and receivers throughout the country.

Now, in an interview carried by the Iranian Republic News Agency (INRA), a spokesman for the Ministry says that they will take firm action against those who violate the country’s laws, and in particular place advertisements on these channels which Iranian citizens can view.

Hoseyn Nushabadi, the culture ministry’s spokesman, described foreign satellite channels as “a tool for cultural infiltration” and added: “According to the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance’s laws, any type of co-operation with those channels is an offence and the ministry will take action against violators of the law.”

“According to article 10 of the law on the prohibition of satellite equipment [dishes], state bodies and organisations are obliged to take action against those who cooperate with satellite TV channels,” he said and the placing of any type of advertising on these channels would be punished.

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