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TiVo, NBC partner for Olympic data

December 14, 2015

TiVo Research and RealityMine have announced a partnership with NBCUniversal to provide comprehensive single-sourced cross-platform measurement of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

The project will be conducted during the entire span of the Games of the XXXI Olympiad from Rio de Janeiro, August 5th through August 21st, producing an in-depth analysis of how viewers who explicitly opted in to participate in the study consume NBCUniversal’s Olympic content across multiple devices including TV, mobile and digital. The initiative will enable NBCUniversal to improve cross-platform measurement and better understand consumer consumption.

The combination of TiVo Research’s set top box data with RealityMine’s expertise in digital and consumer behavior research offers a unique opportunity to measure cross-platform consumption as it actually exists in today’s complex and rapidly evolving media environment. The research will enable NBCUniversal to measure key performance indicators including:
•    The relationship between TV viewing and tablet/smartphone usage around NBC Olympic content
•    How viewers engage with content outside their home — including workplace and social settings
•    The impact of social media on the consumption of NBC Olympic content
•    The effectiveness of advertising on all NBC Olympic platforms
“The Olympics offer us a unique opportunity to test innovative research methods and technologies,” said Alan Wurtzel, President of NBCUniversal Research. “What makes the Olympics such a notable research environment is the enormous amount of consumer activity on multiple platforms for a nearly three-week span, enhancing our ability to measure behaviour and detect trends across time.”

“This is a significant research advancement, which we believe will become a new multi-screen measurement standard,” Tom Rogers, CEO, TiVo said. “Measuring and analysing real-time Olympic viewership data on TV, tablets, smartphones, computers and social media platforms will reveal exactly how consumers view and engage with this major global event.”

“The Olympics have emerged as truly the premiere event in terms of cross-platform viewing,” said Rolfe Swinton, RealityMine CRO. “The insights we gain here into the application of methodologies for measurement will in many ways set the course for consumer media behavior analysis moving forward.”

Interested consumers are required to opt-in to participate in the study. All data is anonymised and aggregated into reports; no personal identifiable information is revealed during the study.

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