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Black & white TVs still in 9000+ UK homes

December 29, 2015

A survey by TV Licensing has revealed that over 9000 UK households are still watching TV in monochrome nearly 50 years after the first colour broadcast.

Despite a huge spike in the number of people using HD TVs, 4K TVs, smartphones and tablets to watch content over the last decade, 9,356 families still use a black and white TV as their main viewing source according to the survey.  It is thought that people may be sticking to black and white as the licence fee is frozen at £49 – nearly £100 cheaper than the £145.50 colour licence.

TV and radio historian Jeffrey Borinsky commented: “We like the glow of valves, rich sound and wonderful warm smell of these old sets. Older people who grew up with black and white still love it and don’t see why they should throw away their perfectly good set to get colour they don’t even want.”

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