Advanced Television

Dish goes 4K, 16 tuners

January 6, 2016

By Chris Forrester

Dish Network issued a slew of high-profile press releases late in the evening of January 5th – timed to maximise their impact for the CES show in Las Vegas.

The headlines are:
•    A new DVR, its ‘Hopper 3’ with 16 separate tuners, and 4K content that it can feed to the rest of the home
•    Netflix options are built in
•    A slate of 4K movies for the Hopper 3, and upcoming 4K Joey
•    A new PVR in the shape of HopperGO, a rechargeable unit which can handle up to 100 hours of recordings

Dish says the 16-tuner option removes the risks of recording clashes, and that the unit has the highest processing power (the Broadcom 7445 chipset) of any PVR.  This unit can also be used to convert the viewing screen into four quadrants, and with each able to handle a 1080-resolution image.

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