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Analyst: Paramount for industry to support HDR

January 6, 2016

By Colin Mann

Noting CES 2016 announcements that Samsung, LG, Sony and Panasonic TVs will all be adopting High Dynamic Range (HDR), Paolo Pescatore, Director, Multiplay and Media at CCS Insight, has suggested that there is still a distinct lack of 4K content on the market and has called on content and media owners to support HDR.

“Unsurprisingly HDR is as big a theme as 4K, if not bigger at CES this year and these latest announcements from Samsung, LG, Sony and Panasonic clearly reinforce this,” says Pescatore. “All consumer electronic providers are now jumping on the HDR bandwagon in order to sell more TVs. As a result, there is no denying that HDR is very much needed given the initial poor 4K experiences and it is increasingly clear that the technology needs to be supported with other features to enhance the overall viewing experience.”

According to Pescatore, the difference between 1080p HD and 4K displays is only really noticeable on screens larger than 40 inches, bus he suggests, however, that improvements can be gained by integrating other technologies such as higher frame rates and more importantly HDR as well as other techniques.

“Despite all of these efforts, it is paramount for content and media owners to support HDR and there is still a distinct lack of 4K content in the market. We expect HDR to feature prominently throughout the year and especially at NAB in April,” he concludes.


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