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Wiztivi’s TIMELESS180 running UHD STB SoCs from STMicroelectronics

January 8, 2016

Wiztivi, a specilaist in design and development of multiscreen user interfaces, in partnership with STMicroelectronics, will be demonstrating Wiztivi’s HTML5-based UI product at CES 2016 – TIMELESS180 – running STMicroelectronics’ Ultra HD set-top-box Cannes and Monaco 4K SoCs.

TIMELESS180 is an advanced HTML5-based User Interface product by Wiztivi delivering a full TV featured experience. Its central focus is to keep end users’ attention.  It is modular and customisable to optimize STB and Middleware performances.

The web browser supports most of the latest web-standard versions (HTML4 and 5, canvas, WebGL …) improving the support of premium Internet content, as much as TV-related standards (DVB, HbbTV,…).  This high-performing web-based video solution compiled and directly linked to the GPU in ST set-top-box SoCs offers native performances to end-users. This solution should be useful in the short-term to demonstrate Virtual reality solutions.

“Wiztivi’s TIMELESS180 has been tightly integrated in ST’s latest generation of Ultra HD Cannes and Monaco 4K SoCs for a very fluid and smooth rendering on Ultra HD screens,” said Herve Pierrot, Strategic Partner and Ecosystem Manager, Consumer Product Division, STMicroelectronics. “This integration is directly re-usable by OEMs for their products.”

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