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Turner Ad Lab seeks the answers for TV ads

January 13, 2016

Turner Broadcasting is launching an Ad Lab to invent and test ways to improve the consumer experience as more users avoid ads and OTT ad values languish.

The Ad Lab will be staffed and sponsored by Turner, but trade organizations, research companies and technology companies will be invited to join its advisory board, to be names next month, reports B&C.

Turner networks including truTV, TNT and TBS, plan to cut the amount of commercial time they carry and its advertising sales group is looking to sell spots to clients based on not just how many people are watching but which audiences actually buy their products, making the commercials more relevant and less intrusive.

“We believe one of the reasons people go to Netflix is the lack of advertising, and if we’re going to fix the ecosystem we all should potentially do it. We’re going to be very transparent about what we learn and about sharing results,” said Howard Shimmel, chief research office for Turner said.

The Ad Lab will operate as part of Turner Research and work with parent company Time Warner’s Media Lab.

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