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Netherlands: Daily online TV ratings launched

January 19, 2016

The Netherlands TV industry body Stichting KijkOnderzoek (SKO) is now delivering daily Online TV ratings to the market. Working in partnership with the data scientists from Kantar Media, SKO is the first TV currency in the world to deliver daily ratings data in granular detail.
The ratings report online consumption of TV programmes, initially from NPO, RTL Netherlands and SBS broadcasting. In addition to the existing ratings data (content viewed on the TV set), these extended TV ratings enable advertisers, agencies and broadcasters to monitor and monetize online reach and viewing behaviour across online TV programme audiences.
Michel van der Voort, Managing Director of SPOT, the marketing body for Dutch TV Broadcasters commented “The consumption of video across devices continues to increase in the Netherlands as online penetration grows. SKO now report online video measurement enabling broadcasters to monetise all screens. We are proud to be the first country in the world to report the level of viewing at this granular level.”
The announcement is the first phase of SKO’s Video Data Integration Model which integrates data sources for all online television programme and commercial viewing. Online commercials will be included in the coming months.
Bas de Vos, Managing Director of SKO commented: “We are proud that we are now able to provide the market with the necessary insights to have an ever greater understanding of their audience. Kantar Media’s experience in hybrid approaches to measurement has enabled us to create, develop and implement an advanced data integration model that meets the needs of our members.”.
“We’re delighted to have reached this important milestone with SKO.” commented Richard Asquith, Global CEO of Audience Intelligence at Kantar Media. “In addition to producing the daily ratings measuring TV consumed online, Kantar Media’s data scientists are fusing together the existing ratings with online data to deliver a Total Video rating. This ground-breaking metric will capture a holistic view of video consumption across platforms for all demographic groups.”
The Total Video rating will include programmes and commercials; SKO expects to deliver all remaining elements to the market later this year.


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