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Yip TV tops 100 channels

January 19, 2016

By Chris Forrester

US OTT service Yip TV, which launched barely six months ago, says it is now offering more than 100 live TV channels to its subscribers.

YipTV went live in early May with 50 channels, added another 21 by July, surpassed the 90-channel threshold when 10 FilmBox channels were added in September and now has passed the 100 mark with the addition of channels such as Canal 22, France 24, Tastytrade, ShowBusiness TV, Fix & Foxi, Heroes Adventure, Motor TV, Euronews English, Euronews Portugese, Euronews Spanish, Motors TV, the Outdoor Sport Channel and Vibrant TV.

Yip TV claims that no other provider of OTT television in the US offers as many channels, as affordably or with the diversity of viewing options that YipTV does today.  It says it expects to keep adding new channels before the end of this year as it negotiates with content owners to bring subscribers channels from India, China and elsewhere in Asia.

YipTV targets the more than 40 million foreign-born people living in the US with TV programming to which they’re accustomed in their home countries, so it has been steadily aggregating entertainment, sports, news, lifestyle, music and other TV channels not typically seen in the US. YipTV is available for viewing on subscribers’ smartphones and 17 of its channels are always free.

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