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Sky numbers grow

January 29, 2016

By Chris Forrester

In its half-year results (to December 31st), Sky says that an overall 337,000 new customers joined Sky in Q2 and helping “the highest UK and Ireland customer growth for 10 years”. Sky’s customers bought 1.1 million new products. UK & Ireland growth during Q2 was 205,000, with 146,000 new TV customers jhoining in the pre-Christmas quarter.

Sky’s overall retail customers grew 870,000 over the past year, expanding its client base (y-o-y) from 20.6 million to 21.47 million.

Its Germany and Austria client base expanded during Q2 by 120,000 and taking the region’s annual growth to 370,000, and with Churn of 9.8 percent.

Italy added a more modest 12,000 during Q2 with improved Churn down to 9.9 percent.

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