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Zee TV anticipates success in Germany

January 29, 2016

By Chris Forrester

Zee TV boss Subhash Chandra says he is confident that a new India-focussed channel being launched in Germany this summer will be successful.

Speaking to Germany’s DW news channel, Chandra said: “Germany is very important because it is a difficult market for foreign media content. Hence, we feel that if we can succeed in this market, then we can succeed in any other market across the world. That’s our belief.”

Chandra added that the new Zee TV channel’s programming will primarily be made up of Bollywood content. “However, it will be specifically tailor-made for the German market and adapted for the country. We feel that the positioning of our content is happy and celebratory, and it caters to people of all ages. So we are confident that they will like it. We have studied the likes and dislikes of the German viewers and we will select interesting content for them. That’s why we believe we will succeed. We are confident about that.”

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