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58% of Netflix subs prefer Netflix to cinema

February 5, 2016

For Netflix subscribers, the ideal date night is a quiet night in watching Netflix rather than heading out to the movie theatre, according to an Ipsos poll conducted on behalf of Netflix. In fact, six in ten (58 per cent) prefer staying in to watch Netflix rather than go out to see a movie (42 per cent), knocking heading to the cinema off its perch.

Moreover, Netflix is the catalyst to romance for some: six in ten (56 per cent) subscribers report that they ‘find someone more attractive based on the shows that they like’ and four in ten (42 per cent) subscribers report that ‘they have agreed to go out with someone solely on show compatibility’ or are considering to . Among those who have used online dating or set up a dating profile for themselves, a majority (53 per cent) have listed various types of shows on their profile to make themselves look more attractive to potential suitors.

Once they decide to stay in, the next decision becomes what show or movie to watch. In order to avoid confrontation, most (71 per cent) people say they negotiate with their spouse, partner or significant other when deciding which shows to watch. Nearly half (47 per cent) say that they use the “show for show” tactic, whereby they watch a show the one partner chooses, and then the other partner chooses the next show that they like.

As a relationship progresses, it hits certain milestones, one of which appears to be the sharing of a Netflix password. In fact, for one in three (32 per cent) subscribers, the sharing of the password is a big step (8 per cent huge/24 per cent pretty big) towards being a serious relationship. Why are shows such a focal point of a relationship? Seven in ten (67 per cent) say it’s because shows are more fun when watched together and half (52 per cent) say it’s because they bond over shows together’.

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