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Teleste, Samsung hospitality IPTV solution

February 5, 2016

Teleste, the international technology group, has announced a partnership with Samsung Electronics to launch a new solution for more efficient IP service delivery across hospitality environments. The joint solution utilises Teleste’s DOCSIS Access Hub, the DAH100, and Samsung’s DOCSIS HE694 HTV televisions to bring high-speed, broadband-level Internet access to guest rooms over existing coaxial cabling.

The solution makes it possible for global hotels to provide their customers with a premium guest experience and a way to stay connected with their social and professional networks without investing in new cabling at the premises.

“Traditionally, hospitality industry service providers have built separate networks for delivering cable TV and IP-based services, such as guest Internet access, OTT and video-on-demand. This has, in many cases, made it considerably slower and more costly for them to accommodate full IP service delivery,” said Jonathan Rigby, Director of Hospitality and AV Solutions for Teleste Corporation. “In cooperation with Samsung Electronics, we are delighted to offer the Hospitality industry a solution that makes it quick and cost-efficient to invest in premium-quality IP service delivery by utilising existing coaxial infrastructures.”

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