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ContentBridge builds automated delivery channel for Proximus TV, Studio 100

February 9, 2016

ContentBridge Systems, a provider of digital content supply chain solutions to major studios, aggregators, independent distributors and retailers, has announced completion of an automated delivery channel that links Belgium based companies Proximus and Studio 100. The link will bring Studio 100’s rich catalog of kids and young adult content, including their popular Wanagogo fare, to Proximus TV. Popular programming from Studio 100 includes K3, Maya The Bee, Heidi, Bumba, Mega Mindy and Vicky The Viking.

Automated Delivery and Quality Control

“I am particularly proud of the way our product and software development teams quickly built an automated delivery channel connecting Studio 100 and Proximus TV,” says ContentBridge COO Doug Reinart. “In less than two weeks, the team created and tested the media transcoding, packaging, automated QC, and delivery automation to execute large content deliveries meeting Proximus requirements from the very first transmission. Studio 100 can now seamlessly support on-going digital deliveries of movies, episodes, and short-form video to their valuable partner. The relationship between Studio 100 and Proximus is bound to strengthen and grow as a result.”

The New Digital Supply Chain

According to Reinart, the electronic bridge between Proximus and Studio 100 provides a glimpse into where the digital supply chain is heading. “We believe that the ‘self service’ supply chain, enabled through innovative software finally emerges in 2016 as a viable substitute for many post production activities.” says Reinart. “ContentBridge is focused on discrete cloud services capable of replacing legacy post production functions handling digital content distribution. Content owners have the option of being more in control and efficient when delivering their content to digital retailers and other business partners.”

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