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Magine introduces German pay-TV lite

February 18, 2016

By Colin Mann

In a similar move to the autumn 2015 launch of OTT service TVPlayer Plus in the UK, cloud-based TV aggregation app and platform Magine is providing premium pay-TV channels in Germany for the first time without any requirement to purchase any other content or service.

Magine TV viewers in Germany (traditionally one of the most challenging and competitive television markets in Europe) can now gain direct and immediate access to exactly the pay-TV content that they want. Stand-alone premium content packages will be offered for just €2.99 per month each, including themes such as ‘Kids’ and ‘Film and Series’. More themed content will be launched in the coming months.

Magine claims this shift is possible as a result of its strong industry relationships, and a significant level of trust from content providers. The move in Germany also reflects the next steps in Magine TV’s journey towards providing a truly personalised global TV service: ‘TV for Me’.
According to Ambuj Goyal, CEO of Magine TV, this new model of premium content viewing reflects an international consumer shift towards an on-demand and personalised entertainment. “Viewers only want to pay for what they actually watch. The German TV industry is moving towards a model with frictionless content distribution, where the core value is the amazing content, and not the complex contracts. Magine TV is becoming the catalyst for this change. We are standing up for the viewer while working very closely with the industry,” he declared.

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