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Verizon revamps FiOS

February 19, 2016

Verizon is re-organising its “FiOS Custom TV” offer, launched last year, that lets viewers choose bundles of channels.

The revamped offer has a choice of one of two packages with over 100 channels and three optional genre-specific packs, instead of a slim offering of 36 channels plus numerous a la carte add-ons.

The first new package “Essentials,” has over 190 channels, including the four US networks, Discovery Channel and AMC with no sports offerings.  The second package, “Sports & more,” has over 160 channels, including ESPN and regional sports, plus non-sports channels such as the Cartoon Network.

When it first launched the Custom offer, ESPN sued Verizon, alleging a breach of contract, while Twenty-First Century Fox and NBC Universal have said the Custom TV offering violates their contractual obligations.

Last month, Verizon’s CFO declined to comment on the ESPN lawsuit on an earnings call, but said customers “don’t want to have to pay for bundles that they never use.”

The offering is now priced $69.99 a month, including FiOS Internet and digital voice services and three genre-specific add-on packages with movie, family and global sports channels for $6 each. The first Custom TVpack started at $65 a month for broadband service, 36 fixed basic channels and two genre-based channel packs, from a choice of seven for $10 each.

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